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About us

Cleante is an investment structure founded in July 2018 by a French entrepreneur and investor.

Within its various activities, Cleante invests with an impact approach in order to support the development of renewable energies, sustainable agriculture and social justice initiatives.

Cleante is also keen to support women who start or run businesses.

The group has set up a closed fund dedicated to investments in start-ups that meet these criteria. We invest as business angels or lead investor in the pre-seed and seed phases.

The structure currently holds around thirty holdings which are detailed below.

Based in Paris and New York, Cleante invests mainly in France and the United States.

With several successful entrepreneurial experiences including several M&A operations, the Cleante team supports entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Complete assistance of entrepreneurs or managers willing to take over a business

  • Support during acquisition or exit negotiations

  • business strategy and management

  • fundraising

  • merger & acquisition

  • distressed investment

  • financial management

Accueil: À propos de nous

Agriculture and food industries

Ubees logo 2022.png

Ubees - United-States

Aim at reducing bee mortality rates and help to sustain pollination at the industrial scale by combining traditional beekeeping expertise with innovative science and technology


Eloi - France

Convert large scale intensive farms into friendly farming ecosystems (agroecology)

neptunes elements.png

Neptune Elements - France

Production and distribution of seaweed products.

Our Investments

les 3 chouettes.PNG

Les 3 Chouettes - France

Organic condiments produced in France

Gardyn - United-States

Smart, design and indoor food cultivation system for the home


ApiMoov - France

Hive tracking mobile app


Matriark Foods - Etats-Unis

Upcycling of farm surplus and fresh-cut remnants into healthy, vegetable products for schools, hospitals, food banks and other foodservice.

marmites volantes.PNG

Les Marmites Volantes - France

Dishes cooked from responsible ingredients available in on-site catering and collective catering

cultures et compagnie.PNG

Cultures & Compagnies - France

Construction of farms in urban and peri-urban areas

Zero Waste - Circular Economy

parcel health logo.png

Parcel Health - United-States

Recyclable and biodegradable prescription packaging


Verity - Etats-Unis

Sustainable aluminum and stainless steel packaging solutions within the beauty and personal care industry.


SuperZero - Etats-Unis

High performance, zero-waste haircare product line


NoWW - France

Management of returnable and reusable packaging

logo youzd.jpg

Youzd - France

100% circular offer of furniture and household appliances

Renewable Energy


Cleante participates in the energy transition by investing in start-ups active in the sector and by financing the development and construction of renewable energy projects in France, the United States and Africa.

The company is also developing its own photovoltaic power plant projects.

logo solstice 2.png

Solstice - United-States

Electricity power from clean sources


Oneka - Canada

Get drinking water from the ocean with an all-in-one desalination system activated by the movements of the waves.

Waste recycling

logo les alchimistes.PNG

Les Alchismistes - France

Collect and convert food waste into compost


Re-Nuble - United States

Converting vegetative food waste into water-soluble, organic hydroponic nutrients for soilless farms

logo aquacycl.PNG

Aquacycl - United-States

BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology (BETT ®) for onsite wastewater treatment


Hubcycle - France

Circular economy startup that converts industrial side-streams into upcycled ingredients for the Food & Beverage and Cosmetics industries

greenzy logo.webp

Greenzy - Belgium

Indoor composter

CWS logo.png

Computed Wing Sail - France

Innovating wing sail system for cargo ships

logo sami.png

Sami - France

Management of company's climate journey

Decarbonization solutions

logo_site caeli.png

Caeli Energie - France

 Low-carbon solution for cooling buildings


ecopia logo.jpeg

Ecopia - France

Pioneering CSR school committed to promoting a sustainable economy.

logo regen school.png

Regen School - France

 Management school dedicated to the adaptation of businesses to planetary and social limits


VEILLEUR DE NUIT 1 transparent backgroun

Veilleur de Nuit Production - France

Société de production de documentaires et long-métrages


Veilleur de Nuit Théâtre - France

Production de pièces de Théatre


Cinenovo - France

Société de production de long-métrages

Social justice

logo flikshop.PNG

Flikshop - Etats-Unis

Digital-to-print company targeted to those with incarcerated family members for enhanced communications

Umay logo.webp

Umay - France

Mobile application against street harassment

Other business sectors

logo coorganiz.PNG

Coorganiz - France

SaaS shared calendar allowing improved appointment scheduling

logo embleema.PNG

Embleema - United-States

Connecting real users sharing real world data in real time to fast track drug development

oly be logo 2.PNG

Oly Be - France

Live and online yoga classes


Job'n'Roll - France

Alternative to interim job boards


Parting Stone -United-States

Solidified remains as a clean alternative to ashes after cremation

logo share my space.png

Share My Space - France

Production and management of orbital data to generate timely, independent and secure information.

Coworking Space

Within its offices in the 15th arrondissement in Paris (Félix Faure station), Cleante offers a space open to entrepreneurs who are starting their activity.

In completely renovated and adapted premises, start-ups, consultants and freelancers come together and share their experiences, skills and networks.


Contact form

If you are a startup looking for funding and your company fits our investment approach, you can contact us using the form below.

Thanks for your message!

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